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<Health Condition>
There are slim but existing possibilities to be injured or died during the marathon race.
Participants must consider their own physical conditions before application. The organizers are only responsible for within the limitation of insurance regarding injuries and accidents along with first aids. The organizers purchase insurance for all participants and place ambulances through out the course and the finish line. Participants must take physical examination to make sure if they are physically fit to complete full course marathon. The organizers are not responsible beyond the insurance coverage.
For the case of injury or accident during the race, please provide us your blood type and emergency contact number upon your application.

Participant who younger than 15 years or older than 80 years on the event day can not join the insurance. So person who born after March 18th, 2003 and born before March 18th, 1938 is not accepted for insurance. It might be investigate the fatal accident with heavy drinking.
We do not compensate for unrelated to this event. For that reason, please avoid some act like drinking or make heavy to your body recover. Please keep in mind this point, participant who under above-mentioned condition must submit agreement when register this event.

A participant must be older than 18 years on the event day.
For the full course, the participant should be older than 18 years and be healthy enough to complete the course. There is no physical limitation to apply the 10km courses.

For a smooth operation, the organizer does not acknowledge the transfer of qualification and attendance by proxy. Relevant participants are disqualified and are not given the certificates of record. In addition, those who are involved in illegal actions such as using other participant’s chip shall be disqualified and will be prohibited to participate in all races organized by the Dong-A Ilbo for 5 years. Please note that those who do not put the bib or who have modified it will not be allowed for the race.
Also participants should stay at their own group upon the start. Those who do not start from the designated group will be disqualified.

<Refund of registration fee>
If any participant became unable to take a part in the event due to the inevitable reasons,
such as injuries, participant may cancel the registration.
The deduction from the registration fee will be made as shown below.
19th of Feb (Mon) 5pm and before : Full Refund
The refund will be made between 13th Apr(Fri) and 20th Apr(Fri)

There will be no cancellation nor refund 19th February 2018 at 5pm and after.
All the refunds will be processed between April 13th and 20th , 2018

<Time Limit & Sweep Vehicles>
Because the course runs through the center of the city, the race time is strictly limited to 5 hours(full course), and 1 hour and 30 minutes(10km course) in order to minimize traffic inconveniences of citizens. The section of each km has its own time limit. For that reason, the traffic control is automatically removed after the time limit, participants must get on the sweep vehicles. The organizer shall not take any liabilities for accidents that occur as participants refuse to get on the sweep vehicles to keep on running.

<Beverage & Refreshments>
We offer mineral water and sports drink in every 5km spots and finish line, water sponges are prepared in every 5km spots after 7.5km point. And we provide some refreshments like banana for nutritional supplement.

<Fitting room & Stockroom>
We will send you a plastic bag to keep your stuffs and a sticker to find your stuff together with the souvenirs. Participants must bring your own plastic bags and stickers on the day of the competition. There is a changing room and a storage room for each group, so participants must keep the items in their corresponding storage vehicles. And please gather at the starting place. (See the departure map) Storage vehicles waiting at starting place will move to the goal point at 7:30 am(Full course), 9:50 am(10K course) . So we don’t take your stuffs after 7:30 am(Full course), 9:50 am(10K course). You can find your stuffs you have stored by presenting your BIB on the parking lot next to the auxiliary stadium of Jamsil Olympic Stadium. Valuables can’t be stored in the storage vehicles under any circumstances.

<Time Measurement & Chip>
A Net Time method will be used for the time measurement. For the correct measurement of a record, participants must attach the distributed chip. The chip for record measurement is attached to the back of the BIB number. If the chip is not properly attached or participants do not step the sensors at the start line, the turning point and the finish line, time is not recorded and the race is disqualified.

<The Souvenir package>
A BIB number and souvenir will be distributed to your address according to your registration information. Participants who are from abroad can take your package at the Expo. Check the information below and make sure you can pick up your bibs. For all finishers can take a finish commemoration medal when finish the race. The certificates of record will be possible to print after check in the homepage within 4 weeks after the event.

- Event Name : 2018 Seoul Marathon Expo
- Date : March 17th, 2018(Sat) 10:00 ~ 18:00.
- Place : Ho-dori square in Jam-sil Sports Complex.
- How to come : Metro Line No.2 or No.9 Jam-sil Sports Complex station. 200m straight from exit No.7.

<Payment and Modification>
Entry fee can be paid only by credit card. If you fail to do so, it may lead to the cancellation of registration. Any modification will be accepted only during our registration period.
Modification of individual to group or group to individual is available in the homepage.

<Personal Information>
The 2018 Seoul Marathon may share your personal information with our sponsors and cooperative companies for better services. We do not open to the public your personal information for other commercial purpose to the other person, company or institution.
The 2018 Seoul Marathon do not share your personal information. However, if the participant violates the general statements and agreements, damages other people, or does an offence against public moral, The 2018 Seoul Marathon may open the participant’s personal information for the legal actions.

As the registration of group, we regard the agrees with a head of the group behalf of all the group members' agree.

The race follows the general rules of the Korea Athletics Federation in 2018 version.

I agree with to the statement above.


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